Elma E Plus 180H Ultrasonic Bench Top Parts Cleaner

BTI part #: EM1215
vendor part #: 107 1674
description: E Plus 180H
tank volume: 5.0 gallons
internal dimensions: 12.9"x11.8"x7.9"
external dimensions: 14.6"x13.7"x12.7"

  • Scientific, ultrasonic part cleaners bring deep cleaning and complete overhauls to the next level
  • Ultrasonic cavitation cleaning technology uses high frequency sound waves to agitate contaminants adhering to surfaces; dislodging dirt, grease and grime at the micron level
  • Units optimize temperature, frequency and frequency modulation for best results
  • Biodegradable fluid is non-toxic, non-solvent based. Does not require special ventilation or a service tech to remove old fluid
  • User activated pulse mode add burst of 30% additional power for stubborn contaminants
  • Timer mode allows the unit to clean automatically, allowing other tasks to get accomplished
  • Bench top models provide flexibility and convenience without sacrificing cleaning power
  • 3 sizes available: 1 gallon great for derailleurs and small parts, and 3.5 and 5 gallon sizes excellent for cranks and larger cassettes
  • Fluid is not included, use Elma's Universal Cleaner and Degreaser, EM-1350
  • Made in Germany, with an industry leading 2 year warranty
  • Drop ships from Elma's warehouse free of any freight charges
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