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Hydration Packs & Accessories
Deuter Streamer Reservoir
  • Top performing hydration system with technology from Source Vagabond
  • Helix Valve enables a constant flow of liquid
  • Taste-Free bladder: a special film with an inner surface as smooth as glass, holds water for days and even weeks without changing taste
  • Due to the special molecular properties of the bladder, this system is very hygienic, easy to clean
  • Taste-Free tube: special co-extruded tube has a glass-smooth inner surface without any taste
  • Streamer Clip: full width top opening for easy filling and cleaning, sliding clip is absolutely leakproof
item # fluid capacity color in stock?
  9D-990130 100oz (3L) clear YES
  9D-990140 50oz (1.5L) clear YES
  9D-990120 70oz (2L) clear YES
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