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Absolute Black SRAM Hidden Bolt 5x110 Prem 2x Oval
  • Inner and outer oval chainrings are optimized with smooth shifting in mind
  • Features smooth angled surfaces, (6) up-shifting ramps (outer ring), and (12) down-shifting points (outer ring)
  • Oval rings help the rider to spin smoother and more efficiently
  • Example: 32t is equivalent to 30t at dead spot and 34t at the power zone
  • Works with 2x chainring systems and does not require any modification to the front derailleur for use
  • Compatibility: SRAM cranks that have (1) hidden chainring bolt (Force22, Red22)
  • Designed in UK, manufactured in Poland
item # model ring type speed mount teeth oval/round color in stock?
  AI5300 Premium Oval SRAM Hidden-Bolt inner 2x9/10/11sp 5x110mm 34 oval black YES
  AI5304 Premium Oval SRAM Hidden-Bolt outer 2x9/10/11sp 5x110mm 50 oval black YES