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Rear Shocks
Cane Creek DB Coil IL Trunnion G2 Shock
Margin Booster
  • Thicker inner damper tube for increased strength along with a 6mm reduction in overall width on the valve body from 68mm to 50.5mm to fit more frames with tighter tolerances
  • Detents on the preload collar to allow more precise preload tuning
  • 4-way independent adjustment: high-speed compression, low-speed compression, high-speed rebound and low-speed rebound
  • Climb Switch changes compression and rebound damping simultaneously to mitigate unwanted chassis motion while climbing
  • Spring and mounting hardware sold separately
spring not included
item # model stroke eye-eye in stock?
  DC8112 DB Coil IL G2 45mm 165mm (trunnion) YES
  DC8113 DB Coil IL G2 50mm 185mm (trunnion) YES
  DC8115 DB Coil IL G2 55mm 185mm (trunnion) YES
Rear Shock Springs & Parts