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Rear Shocks
Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Coil Shock
Margin Booster
  • Double Barrel Technology refined into tool-free adjustment on all four circuits, with a discernible difference between each adjustment
  • Adjustments to high speed compression, high speed rebound, low speed compression, and low speed rebound damping are made externally with tool-free knobs, allowing all of the shock’s features to be adjustable trailside
  • Low speed adjustment in 11 positions in one single rotation allows the user to see where they are set in their adjustment
  • High speed adjustment in 13 positions in 2 rotations
  • 3-position climb switch
  • Handbuilt and tested in the USA. 471g (210mm length w/o spring)
item # model stroke eye-eye in stock?
  DC7952 DB Kitsuma Coil 52.5mm 210mm YES
  DC7953 DB Kitsuma Coil 55mm 210mm YES
  DC7954 DB Kitsuma Coil 57.5mm 230mm YES
  DC7955 DB Kitsuma Coil 60mm 230mm YES
  DC7956 DB Kitsuma Coil 62.5mm 230mm NO
  DC7957 DB Kitsuma Coil 65mm 230mm YES
  DC7959 DB Kitsuma Coil 70mm 250mm YES
  DC7961 DB Kitsuma Coil 75mm 250mm YES
Rear Shock Springs & Parts