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Rear Shocks
Rear Shock Springs & Parts
Cane Creek Valt Steel Shock Spring
Margin Booster
  • Lightweight steel spring offers a significant weight reduction over standard steel springs
  • Larger inner diameter of the spring means it will fit Cane Creek shocks and most other options on the market
  • Cane Creek and other shock brands may require conversion clip
  • 1.43" internal dimension
item # stroke rate (lbs) in stock?
  DC8323 51mm/2.0" 400 YES
  DC8325 51mm/2.0" 500 YES
  DC8333 57mm/2.25" 400 YES
  DC8334 57mm/2.25" 450 YES
  DC8335 57mm/2.25" 500 YES
  DC8336 57mm/2.25" 550 YES
  DC8338 57mm/2.25" 650 YES
  DC8343 57mm/2.25" 400 YES
  DC8344 63mm/2.5" 450 YES
  DC8345 63mm/2.5" 500 YES
  DC8346 63mm/2.5" 550 YES
  DC8363 75mm/3.0" 400 YES
  DC8364 75mm/3.0" 450 YES
  DC8365 75mm/3.0" 500 YES