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Suspension Seatposts
Seatpost Parts & Shims
Cane Creek Seatpost Sizing Shims
Margin Booster
  • Solution for fitting seatposts to most any seat tube size
  • 3-7/8" tall machined aluminum, black anodized, laser etched with sizing info
item # OD ID in stock?
  DC6260 26.0mm 25.4mm YES
  DC6262 26.2mm 25.4mm YES
  DC6264 26.4mm 25.4mm YES
  DC6266 26.6mm 25.4mm YES
  DC6268 26.8mm 25.4mm YES
  DC6270 27.0mm 25.4mm NO
  DC6272 27.2mm 25.4mm YES
  DC6286 28.6mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6290 29.0mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6292 29.2mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6294 29.4mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6296 29.6mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6298 29.8mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6300 30.0mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6302 30.2mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6304 30.4mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6306 30.6mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6308 30.8mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6309 30.9mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6314 31.4mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6316 31.6mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6318 31.8mm 27.2mm YES
  DC6319 31.6mm 30.9mm YES
  DC6321 34.9mm 30.9mm YES
  DC6320 34.9mm 31.6mm YES
Suspension Stems
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