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item # description compatibility in stock?
  DC8613 valve seat driver DB Air/ DB Coil CS YES
  DC8669 IFP setting tool Kitsuma/DB Air CS/DB Coil CS NO
  DC8670 air seal head bullet tool DB Air CS NO
  DC8692 8mm and 9.5mm shaft clamp Helm/ Kitsuma/Air IL/Coil IL/Air CS/Coil CS YES
  DC8694 9.5mm shaft bullet tool Kitsuma/DB Coil CS NO
  DC8710 air seal head tool Kitsuma Air/DB Air IL/DB Air CS YES
  DC8734 DU bushing remover tool all Cane Creek shocks YES
  DC8735 seal head spanner tool Kitsuma Air/Kitsuma Coil/DB Air CS/DB Coil CS YES
  DC8736 gas fill needle Kitsuma/DB YES
  DC8737 keith cradle tool DB Air IL/DB Coil IL NO
  DC8738 inline air seal head bullet (red) DB Air IL YES
  DC8739 glandnut wrench DB Air IL/DB Coil IL YES
  DC8740 oil seal head pin spanner DB Air IL/DB Coil IL YES
  DC8741 oil fill needle adapter DB Air IL/DB Coil IL YES
  DC8742 damper tube install tool DB Air IL Trunnion/DB Coil IL Trunnion NO
  DC8743 air piston funnel DB Air IL YES