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Disc Pads
EBC Disc Brake Pads
  • Gold (HH): super-high friction, high heat (longer lasting) sintered bronze metallic compound with diamond ground surface for wet/extreme conditions (due to high heat generation, HH-Gold compound is not for Hydraulic/DH race use unless OE specified)
  • Red (R): high friction, low heat (faster wearing) Aramid based, semi-metallic soft compound for DH racing
  • Green: med-high friction (medium wearing) Aramid based, organic compound for XC/all-purpose (no squeal)
item # fits compound in stock?
  EB3215 Avid Elixir, SRAM XX/XO red YES
  EB3213 Avid Elixir, SRAM XX/XO green YES
  EB2927 Avid Juicy, BB-7 gold YES
  EB2925 Avid Juicy, BB-7 red YES
  EB2926 Avid Juicy, BB-7 green YES
  EB2945 SRAM Code (2011+) gold YES
  EB2946 SRAM Code (2011+) red YES
  EB2947 SRAM Code (2011+) green YES
  EB2948 SRAM Guide, Avid Trail gold NO
  EB2949 SRAM Guide, Avid Trail red NO
  EB2950 SRAM Guide, Avid Trail green YES
  EB2956 SRAM Road hydraulic/Level Ultimate and TLM green NO
  EB3925 Formula Mega/One/RX/R1/C1 gold YES
  EB3923 Formula Mega/One/RX/R1/C1 red YES
  EB3921 Formula Mega/One/RX/R1/C1 green YES
  EB3835 Hope Tech X2 gold YES
  EB3833 Hope Tech X2 red NO
  EB3831 Hope Tech X2 green NO
  EB3106 Hope 04-08 Mono-M4 (XT M755/756, SRAM) green YES
  EB3186 Hope 01-03 Mini green YES
  EB3608 Magura MT 2/4/6/8/S gold YES
  EB3609 Magura MT 2/4/6/8/S red YES
  EB3610 Magura MT 2/4/6/8/S green YES
  EB3613 Magura MT 5/7 gold YES
  EB3614 Magura MT 5/7 red YES
  EB3615 Magura MT 5/7 green YES
  EB3619 Magura MT 5/7 1-piece design green YES
  EB3285 Shimano M9120/8120/820/810/640 gold NO
  EB3283 Shimano M9120/8120/820/810/640 red NO
  EB3281 Shimano M9120/8120/820/810/640 green NO
  EB3707 Shimano M975/965/800/775/765/665/601 gold YES
  EB3705 Shimano M975/965/800/775/765/665/601 red YES
  EB3706 Shimano M975/965/800/775/765/665/601 green YES
  EB3277 Shimano M575/525/515-LA/475 gold NO
  EB3275 Shimano M575/525/515-LA/475 red YES
  EB3276 Shimano M575/525/515-LA/475 green YES
  EB3287 Shimano M9020/8100/988/985/785/675/CX75 gold YES
  EB3288 Shimano M9020/8100/988/985/785/675/CX75 red YES
  EB3289 Shimano M9020/8100/988/985/785/675/CX75 green YES