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Cogs & Singlespeed Conversions
Endless Bike Anodized Kick Ass Cog
  • Machined 7075-T6 aluminum Singlespeed cogs
  • Wide base prevents the cog from digging into freehub bodies and reduces flex
  • Splines are machined for perfect alignment and fit on all mountain cassette hubs
  • The shape, width and height of the teeth are CAD designed and optimized for Singlespeed use with 3/32" chains (1/8" OK)
  • The design offers more contact with the chain rollers for better wear resistance of both the cog and the chain
  • Positive engagement prevents chain slippage and makes for a very quiet drivetrain
  • 100% made in the USA
item # size teeth color in stock?
  EL5014 3/32" 14t black ano NO
  EL5018 3/32" 14t blue ano YES
  EL5026 3/32" 16t black ano YES
  EL4416 3/32" 16t silver ano YES
  EL5030 3/32" 16t blue ano YES
  EL5032 3/32" 17t black ano NO
  EL4417 3/32" 17t silver ano YES
  EL5034 3/32" 17t red ano YES
  EL5036 3/32" 17t blue ano NO
  EL5038 3/32" 18t black ano YES
  EL4418 3/32" 18t silver ano NO
  EL5040 3/32" 18t red ano YES
  EL5042 3/32" 18t blue ano NO
  EL5044 3/32" 19t black ano YES
  EL4419 3/32" 19t silver ano YES
  EL5046 3/32" 19t red ano YES
  EL5048 3/32" 19t blue ano YES
  EL5050 3/32" 20t black ano YES
  EL4420 3/32" 20t silver ano YES
  EL5056 3/32" 21t black ano NO
  EL5058 3/32" 21t red ano YES
  EL5060 3/32" 21t blue ano NO
  EL5062 3/32" 22t black ano NO
  EL5064 3/32" 22t red ano YES
  EL5066 3/32" 22t blue ano NO
  EL5068 3/32" 23t black ano YES
  EL5074 3/32" 24t black ano NO
  EL5080 3/32" 25t black ano YES