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27.5" Tires
E*thirteen TRS Semi-Slick 27.5" (650b) Tire
Margin Booster
  • An aggressive semi-slick: speed doesn't always have to come at the cost of traction
  • Tightly spaced, straight-stacked center knobs provide low surface resistance without reducing traction in heavy braking or climbing situations. Angled sipes soften the side knobs for predictable traction, without allowing the tire to "squirm" or roll under heavy cornering. Finally, directional sipes benefit braking and cornering, without sacrificing durability
  • Features: reinforced pinch flat zone, reinforced center casing ribs and firmer center tread.
  • Designed at a true 2.35" width and optimized for modern inner rim widths of 24-31mm
  • RACE compounds feature soft, tacky cornering knobs and with a longer wearing center tread compound
  • PLUS compounds utilize the longer wearing compound across the entire surface of the tire, with an even harder base compound to further wear characteristics, without sacrificing traction
item # model width compound bead type color weight in stock?
  EV6570 27.5" (650b) TRS SS 2.35" Plus folding tubeless black 860g YES
  EV6575 27.5" (650b) TRS SS 2.35" Race folding tubeless black 870g YES
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