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Wheel Skewers & Frame Axles
Hexlox Wheel Skewer
  • Replace quick release skewers with theft-resistant hex skewers (Hexlox/key sold separately)
  • More aerodynamic than quick releases
  • Industrial strength CrMo axle with aluminum ends
  • Precision engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Optional: add a 5mm Hexlox and a Hexlox Key to protect wheels against theft
item # version wheel spacing color weight in stock?
  HE1121 Road front/rear set 100/130mm black - YES
  HE1122 Road front/rear set 100/130mm silver - YES
  HE1123 Road front 100mm black - YES
  HE1124 Road front 100mm silver - YES
  HE1125 Road rear 135mm black - YES
  HE1126 Road rear 135mm silver - YES
  HE1127 MTB front/rear set 100/135mm black - YES
  HE1128 MTB front/rear set 100/135mm silver - YES
  HE1129 MTB front 100mm black - YES
  HE1130 MTB front 100mm silver - YES
  HE1131 MTB rear 135mm black - YES
  HE1132 MTB rear 135mm silver - YES
Bolt-on Binders