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Wheel Skewers & Frame Axles
Hexlox Wheel Skewer
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Hexlox Hexnut Axle Nut
  • Replace nuts on solid axles with stainless steel hex-end nut (Hexlox/key sold separately)
  • Outer security ring spins freely, has a clean, modern look
  • Fits Alfine/Nexus, Rohloff, Fixie, Singlespeed, and more
  • Only one Hexnut needed per wheel for full security
  • Precision engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Optional: add a 6mm Hexlox and a Hexlox Key to protect wheels against theft
item # size color in stock?
  HE1171 9mm (front) black YES
  HE1172 9mm (front) silver YES
  HE1173 10mm (rear) black YES
  HE1174 10mm (rear) silver YES
  HE1175 3/8" (Alfine/Nexus) black YES
  HE1176 3/8" (Alfine/Nexus) silver YES
Bolt-on Binders