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Wheel Skewers & Frame Axles
Hexlox Wheel Skewer
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Bolt-on Binders
Hexlox Seatpost Security Binder
  • Prevents theft of saddle and seatpost (Hexlox/key sold separately)
  • Includes 1 each conical stainless steel security nut and 4 each steel bolts (25mm, 30mm, 35m and 40mm)
  • Works with integrated and removable seatpost clamps and also replaces QR binders (use M6)
  • Precision engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Optional: add a Hexlox and a Hexlox Key to further protection. Use 4mm Hexlox for M6 binder or 5mm Hexlox for M8 binder
item # size color in stock?
  HE2212 6mm silver YES
  HE2214 8mm silver YES