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Platform Pedals
HT AN06 Pedals
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HT PA03A Pedals
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HT Cleats
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HT H5/Keo Cleats
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Pedal Service Parts
HT Pedal Rebuild Kit
  • Rebuild kits for a pair of HT pedals
  • Click on part # to see what is included with each kit
item # description in stock?
  HX9651 rebuild kit, Evo pedals 2014-16 YES
Compatible with 2014-16 AE01, AE03, AE05, ME01, ME03 & ME05 pedals
  HX9653 Rebuild kit, Evo+ pedals, 2017+ YES
Compatible with 2017+ AE03, AE05, ME02, ME03 & ME05 pedals
  HX9654 Rebuild kit, ANS10-Supreme pedals YES
  HX9655 Rebuild kit, T1 pedals, 2017+ NO
  HX9657 Rebuild kit, X2 pedals, 2017+ NO
Compatible with 2017+ X2, AE06 & AE12 pedals
HT Pedal Pin Kit
7 choices

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