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Bars & Waffles
Taos Bakes Energy Bars
  • Made in Taos, New Mexico and crafted with adventurers and trailblazers in mind
  • All bars are gluten-free and contain no GMOs making them all natural
  • Delivers long lasting steady energy to avoid highs/crashes
  • Individually packaged bars in a POP display box
item # flavor package vegan friendly in stock?
  TX2997   new   gingersnap pecan 12/box no NO
  TX2998 dark chocolate almond with sea salt 12/box no NO
  TX2999 pinon coffee 12/box no NO
  TX3000 almond agave 12/box yes YES
  TX3001 chocolate butterscotch 12/box yes NO
  TX3002 caramel pecan 12/box no NO
  TX3003 toasted coconut 12/box no YES
  TX3004 maple praline 12/box no NO
Taos Bakes Bites
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