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WTB Butyl Tube
Margin Booster
  • Standard butyl tube
  • Durable enough to keep you rolling, yet light enough to not feel overly cumbersome in your jersey pocket
item # tire size tire width valve length in stock?
  WT1636 700c 28-38c Presta 33mm YES
  WT1637 700c 28-38c Presta 48mm YES
  WT1639 700c 38-45c Presta 33mm YES
  WT1640 700c 38-45c Presta 48mm YES
  WT1626 26" 1.5-2.2" Presta 33mm NO
  WT1628 26" 2.3-2.5" Presta 33mm YES
  WT1629 27.5" 1.9-2.3" Presta 33mm YES
  WT1632 27.5" 2.4-2.6 Presta 33mm NO
  WT1630 27.5" Plus 2.8-3.0" Presta 33mm NO
  WT1634 29" 1.9-2.3" Presta 33mm NO
  WT1635 29" 2.4-2.6" Presta 33mm NO