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Hayes Fork/Frame Adapters
  • For use with 2000+ Hayes 74mm eye-to-eye calipers (adapters/calipers for 22mm mounts are no longer available)
  • (IS) International Standard 51mm tabs; (QR) Quick Release; (TA) thru-axle
  • Note: Fox-36/40 (thru-axle), Rock Shox Pike (Maxle), and Psylo (Tullio) axle forks use IS-QR adapters
  • 'Smart' part number is Hayes ID stamped/cast into adapter bracket (sometimes in conjunction with a leading 74- and/or a trailing letter)
item # fits mount caliper rotor (front/rear) smart # in stock?
  HY-8816 6" PM fork 74mm 74mm F-203mm 21 YES
  HY-8814 IS-TA fork 51mm 74mm F-203mm 25 YES
  HY-8813 IS fork 51mm 74mm F-203mm 30 YES
  HY-8820 6" PM fork 74mm 74mm F-180mm 31 NO
  HY-8818 IS-TA fork 51mm 74mm F-180mm 34 YES
  HY-8812 IS-TA fork 51mm 74mm F-160mm 29 YES
  HY-8811 IS-QR fork/frame 51mm 74mm F-160mm/R-140mm 20 YES
  HY-8827 IS frame 51mm 74mm R-160mm 26 YES
  HY-8826 IS frame 51mm 74mm R-180mm 33 NO
  HY-8828 IS frame 51mm 74mm R-203mm 23 YES