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iOmounts Nomad Bar Mount
  • Handlebar mount for smartphones, GPS devices and other small mobile devices for the active lifestyle. It is also great for joggers and strollers, treadmills, stationary bikes, and just about any piece of exercise equipment
  • Flexible strap mount installs on bars approximately 0.5" to 2.0" in diameter
  • Stays put on rugged trails and can be easily moved from one piece of equipment to another in seconds
  • Unique iOadapt discs adhere to any smooth flat surface and keeps a super low profile (less than 1mm thick) on the device (use iOskins to adhere discs to rougher flat surfaces)
  • Great for use with Garmin devices that have broken tabs or just in general - iOadapt discs adhere to the back of the device to be used with the Nomad bar mount
  • iOmagnet is safe to use on virtually any electronic device
  • Includes: (1) iOmagnet and flexible strap mount, (2) large iOadapts, (2) 2"x2" clear iOskins, (1) FAQ and instructional manual
item # description color in stock?
  IO-2100 Nomad handlebar mount red/black YES
  IO-2104 Nomad handlebar mount orange/black YES
iOmounts iOstand XT   Coming Soon!
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