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Cane Creek Slamset Headset    
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Cane Creek 40 Series Headset    
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Cane Creek 40 Series Headset Solutions
  • 40-Series Solutions: separate top and bottom headset cup assemblies for tapered, reducer and conversion applications (mix & match system helps reduce inventory overlap)
  • Same features and materials as 40-series complete headsets
  • Top assemblies include star nut and top cap, while bottom assemblies include crown race (Carbon indicates a carbon top cover)
  • Cane Creek Integrated 41.0mm ID (36x45), Campy Hiddenset 42.0mm ID (45x45) , ZS (ZeroStack), or EC (traditional, External Cup) available for 1", 1-1/8" and tapered steerers
  • Please see: for fit information
item # S.H.I.S. upper/lower stack color weight in stock?
DetailsDC-1764 EC34/28.6 upper 16mm black 50g YES
DetailsDC-1750 IS41/28.6 upper 9mm black 37g YES
DetailsDC-1752 IS41/28.6 upper 15mm black 42g YES
DetailsDC-1754 IS41/28.6 carbon upper 15mm black 37g YES
DetailsDC-1755 IS42/28.6 upper 9mm black 34g YES
DetailsDC-1756 IS42/28.6 upper 15mm black 42g YES
DetailsDC-1758 IS42/28.6 carbon upper 15mm black 39g YES
DetailsDC-1759 ZS44/28.6 upper 8mm black 44g YES
DetailsDC-1760 ZS44/28.6 upper 15mm black 53g YES
DetailsDC-1763 ZS49/28.6 upper 8mm black 57g YES
DetailsDC-1576 EC44/33 lower 12mm black 65g YES
DetailsDC-1770 EC44/40 lower 12mm black 65g YES
DetailsDC-1772 EC49/30 lower 12mm black 99g YES
DetailsDC-1771 EC49/40 lower 12mm black 76g YES
DetailsDC-1773 IS47>IS41/30 lower 1mm black 11g YES
DetailsDC-1765 IS52/30 lower 1mm black 72g YES
DetailsDC-1766 IS52/40 lower 1mm black 50g YES
DetailsDC-17741 ZS44/30 lower 4mm black 40g YES
DetailsDC-1767 ZS49/30 lower 4mm black 58g YES
DetailsDC-1775 ZS55/40 lower 4mm black 65g YES
DetailsDC-1768 ZS56/30 lower 4mm black 88g YES
DetailsDC-1769 ZS56/40 lower 4mm black 65g YES