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Maxxis 27.5" Tires
Maxxis 29" Tires
Maxxis Dissector 29" Tire
Margin Booster
  • Ideal for use on dry, fast trails and bike parks
  • Centerline tread ramped to minimize drag, but retain sharp, flat edges along the back to provide strong braking traction
  • Small sipes in the knobs additional flexion, increasing their surface area during braking and aiding the transition to the edge blocks when cornering
  • Ample spacing between lugs helps clear debris
item # model width compound bead casing color weight in stock?
  MA-3831 29" EXO/TR/WT 2.4" dual folding 60tpi black 912g NO
  MA-3833 29" EXO/TR/WT 2.4" 3C MaxxTerra folding 60tpi black 915g NO
  MA-3832 29" EXO+/TR/WT 2.4" 3C MaxxTerra folding 120tpi black 943g NO
  MA-3835 29" DH/TR/WT 2.4" 3C MaxxGrip folding 60tpi 2-ply black 1206g NO
  MA-3836 29" EXO/TR/WT 2.6" dual folding 60tpi black 1010g YES
  MA-3837 29" EXO/TR/WT 2.6" 3C MaxxTerra folding 60tpi black 1011g YES
  MA-3834 29" EXO+/TR/WT 2.6" 3C MaxxTerra folding 60tpi black 1049g YES