PUSH Industries Ultra Low Friction Seal Kit, Fox - 36mm

BTI part #: UP-4216
vendor part #: PFS-36-100-PK
UPC: 840031600905
model: 36mm Fox
description: Ultra low friction seal kit

  • All New Inner Sealing Lip profile for maximum durability and 20wt fluid compatibility
  • All New Scraping Lip profile and hooded outer spring design offering increased durability and stable performance even in the harshest environments
  • Advanced friction-reducing, Molybdenum filled material increases small bump sensitivity while also increasing durability
  • Dual scraping lip design provides maximum scraping effect while minimizing friction
  • Loaded oil sealing lip integrated into wiper to keep lower leg fluid from escaping fork increasing performance and durability
  • High-volume, absorbent foam rings ensure consistent lubrication improving seal life and bump sensitivity
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