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Mountain Cranksets
Crank Parts/Bolts & Caps
E*thirteen Crank Parts
  • Replacement parts for e*thirteen cranks
  • APS adjuster kit (EV-8546) is for LG1 and TRS series cranks
  • Quick Connect lockring (EV-8548) works with all TRS and LG1 cranks that use e*thirteen's Quick Connect system for Direct Mount spiders and Guiderings
item # description fits color in stock?
  EV-8548 lockring all Quick Connect cranks stainless steel YES
  EV-8547 APS adjuster hardware TRSr and LG1r carbon left crank arms black NO
  EV-8551 carbon crank shoes TRSr/LG1r carbon cranks grey NO
Bottom Brackets
E*thirteen Bottom Brackets    
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