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Cogs & Singlespeed Conversions
Gusset Double Six Singlespeed Conversion
  • Offers a lighter weight, compact-drive Singlespeed
  • Converts any 8-10sp HG splined cassette hub to Singlespeed
  • Extra wide spline interface prevents cog from deforming hub splines
  • Cog is CNC machined CrMo, 1/2"x5/64"
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DetailsGU-1800 12t cog, 2 spacers, lockring YES
DetailsGU-1801 16t cog, 2 spacers, lockring YES
Gusset Double Six Cog    
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Gusset 1'er Steel Cog    
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Gusset 66C Campagnolo Cog    
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