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Rear Shock Springs & Parts
MRP Progressive Coil Springs
  • Progressive springs for the MRP Hazzard rear shock - spring rate changes from beginning to end of stroke
  • Correct spring spacer may be needed for certain applications
item # model length stroke rate in stock?
  MP-8610 Progressive spring 119mm 65mm 300-360# NO
  MP-8612 Progressive spring 122mm 65mm 350-420# NO
  MP-8614 Progressive spring 124mm 65mm 400-480# YES
  MP-8616 Progressive spring 129mm 65mm 450-540# NO
  MP-8618 Progressive spring 130mm 65mm 500-600# NO
  MP-8620 Progressive spring 133mm 65mm 550-650# NO
MRP Coil Spring Spacer Kits    
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