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Bottom Brackets
Interloc QB55 JIS Bottom Bracket
  • High quality sealed cartridge bearings with steel cups
  • Traditional square JIS 2-degree taper crank-arm interface
  • 68/73mm English (BC1.37 x 24tpi - RH/LH)
  • IRD conversion cups for 73mm, Italian, French and Swiss frame threading sold separately, use RD-419*
  • Made in Japan
item # interface shell shell width length in stock?
DetailsRD-4141 JIS English 68mm 103mm YES
DetailsRD-4142 JIS English 68mm 107mm YES
DetailsRD-4143 JIS English 68mm 110mm YES
DetailsRD-4144 JIS English 68mm 113mm YES
DetailsRD-4145 JIS English 68mm 115mm YES
DetailsRD-4146 JIS English 68mm 118mm YES
DetailsRD-4147 JIS English 68mm 122mm YES
DetailsRD-4148 JIS English 68mm 127.5mm YES