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SpeedSleev Original    
2 choices
SpeedSleev Ranger and Ranger+
  • A seat pack with Cyclocross and mountain biking in mind. Helps eliminate the need for a bulky hydration pack
  • Constructed from water proof nylon fabric and features a full cover waterproof sleeve
  • Connects only to the saddle rails, making it ideal for bikes with dropper seatpost
  • Designed to carry either 2 road tubes or 1 CX or MTB tube, 2 18g or 20g CO2 cartridges, small inflator head, 2 tire levers, and small multi-tool
  • Also available as Ranger+ which allows more room for plus sized tubes
item # model color in stock?
DetailsSJ-1995 Ranger carbon YES
DetailsSJ-1996 Ranger red YES
DetailsSJ-1997 Ranger white YES
DetailsSJ-1998 Ranger orange YES
DetailsSJ-1999 Ranger green YES
DetailsSJ-2000 Ranger black YES
DetailsSJ-2001 Ranger+ black NO
SpeedSleev Smuggler    
4 choices
SpeedSleev Seatsleev    
3 choices