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VeloToze Active Compression Wool Socks
  • Provides a compression level (12-6mm Hg) designed to help manage blood flow to your feet while you ride
  • Contructed from a Merino Wool blend that naturally wicks away sweat to keep feet dry in summer and warm in winter
item # color size in stock?
Details1V-5244 black/grey 37-42.5 NO
Details1V-5245 black/grey 43-47 YES
Details1V-5254 black/red 37-42.5 YES
Details1V-5255 black/red 43-47 YES
Details1V-5264 black/blue 37-42.5 YES
Details1V-5265 black/blue 43-47 YES
Details1V-5274 black/yellow 37-42.5 YES
Details1V-5275 black/yellow 43-47 YES