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Gamut Replacement Boomerang
  • Replacement/upgrade arm for Gamut guides
  • 2-arm Boomerang for lightweight racing applications
  • BB: bottom bracket mount
  • ISCG: 59.2mm-BCD 3-tab direct-mount bottom bracket shell with adapter included
  • ISCG-05: updated/larger 73mm-BCD 3-tab direct-mount bottom bracket (works with standard BB, oversized BB and BMX/American shells)
  • P20s fits: 32-34t chainring
  • P30s fits: 34-36t chainring
  • P38s fits: 36-38t chainring
  • P20s Dual fits: 22-24t/32-34t chainring combo
  • P30s Dual fits: 22-24t/34-36t chainring combo
  • No hardware included with boomerangs
item # model mount in stock?
  GG-0065 G45/P40 ISCG-05 YES
  GG-0070 G25/P20 BB YES
  GG-0074 P20s BB YES
  GG-0076 P20s ISCG YES
  GG-0078 P20s ISCG05 YES
  GG-0080 P30s BB YES
  GG-0086 P38s BB YES
  GG-0090 P38s ISCG05 YES
  GG-0092 P20s dual BB YES
  GG-0094 P20s dual ISCG YES
  GG-0096 P20s dual ISCG05 YES
  GG-0098 P30s dual BB YES
  GG-1000 P30s dual ISCG YES