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Paul High Flange Hubs
  • Hollow stainless axles with retro high flanges for improved triangulation
  • Flip-flop rear is fixed one side and freewheel other (lockring included)
  • Stainless mount screws and washers with front and rear bolt-on hubs
  • Skewers not included with QR hubs
  • 270g front/390g rear
  • Made in USA
item # f/r axle/spacing (mm) hole color in stock?
  PC-3701 front 9x100 bolt-on 32h black YES
  PC-3711 front 9x100 bolt-on 32h polished YES
  PC-3702 rear (fixed/free) 10x120 bolt-on 32h black NO
  PC-3712 rear (fixed/free) 10x120 bolt-on 32h polished YES