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RhinoDillos Tire Liner
  • Stops 95% of sharp objects that would otherwise ruin your day
  • Soft-Tips help prevent friction flats where liner overlaps
  • Comes in pre-relaxed packaging to make installation a snap
item # size color package in stock?
DetailsCO-3001 700 x 28-35c red pair YES
DetailsCO-3002 700 x 32-41c gold pair YES
DetailsCO-3003 26 x1.5"-1.95” silver pair YES
DetailsCO-3004 24-26x1 3/8”/ 700c 38-40 blue pair YES
DetailsCO-3005 29" x 2.0"- 2.125" tan pair NO
Detailsco3006 26x 2.0-2.125” brown pair YES